Spring Forward

Nearly 200 seedlings are sitting in the greenhouse, 2000 worms are adjusting to their new habitat, the soil for our garden is being turned over, and at 2:00am we all were launched an hour into the future.

FBC is closing up shop for a few weeks, and will reopen with a new name, more focused services, an updated portfolio, and all of the other things I should have done a year ago.  There have been many factors to consider in making this decision.  The greatest being my new location. I need to reposition my work to be successful in this area, and in the process I am evaluating my style, workflow management, and everything in between.

I can already tell you awesome things are going to happen.  Perhaps it is the change of season, or being fueled by conversation with a fellow photographer, but I am finding the energy to invest in my work.  When I debut the transition I hope you will all celebrate with me.

Happy almost-spring, everyone. I’ll see you soon.