7/52 {Negative Space}


Here is a dreamy image of my girl taking a nap.

One day I will be caught up on the weekly topics. One day the bedroom remodel will be finished. One day a weekend will feel like a weekend again. Elsa sleeping-7008



Week 2 {Things That Makes Me Laugh}

It’s week two and already I feel that I am running out of steam!  I’m trying to remember this is an exercise, and not every image needs to be perfect. It just needs to be taken! Right?

This week’s topic was surprisingly difficult.  The things that make me laugh these days are the funny requests and sentences that spring forth from this sweet little face.  The moments I find myself laughing the hardest are with her in my arms (or my feet on the sofa watching The Daily Show).  Below you will see her hugging a tree — which she does without prompting and is completely sincere about. Tossed into the mix is my first baby, Harper. A gentle giant at about 21 pounds, he has made me laugh for the last eleven years.

untitled (4 of 8)

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52 Weeks

I’m in a personal photo rut.  I wake up in the morning and my brain goes in a hundred different directions before my feet hit the floor.  I get home with just enough time to put something together for dinner and usher my daughter off to sleep. When I do find a few moments to pick up my camera I so straight to my daughter’s toothy smile.  It is easy to catch.  These photos are my treasures, and I will never, ever, regret spending time on capturing her joyful spirit.

E Smile

I need to remember more than her toothy smile. I want to remember our life together during this time. The kid and the cat pretending to be asleep in the doll bed, simmering pots of soup, a little girl setting offering a tiny tea cup to her Dad. There needs to be proof that such love and magic ever existed in my life that is too often cluttered by deadlines, research, laundry, groceries, and coffee. To help me get out of the rut I’ve decided to take on a 52 week photo project presented by Paint the Moon.

I’m looking forward to capturing little habits that bring most of my days to a close. I encourage you to do the same!  If you post them — please share post a comment with a link. I’d love to see them.