20 months

20 months looks like this:

untitled (4 of 5) untitled (8 of 20)

We are closer to two years than one. She is rarely short for words and even though three-word-sentences are becoming the new standard I am shocked by each new combination. We seemed to accidentally skip over the sippy-cup phase and she now handles a cup with confidence.  She’s adjusting well to our recent move, and soon we’ll take on the task of mastering life post-diapers. Though a bit more moody in typical toddler fashion, she is her silly self.

My favorite things about 20 months:

  • Increased interest in dance, and more fluid movements and coordination. When she sees a ballet dancer she dashes to get her own ballet slippers
  • Making her puppets move and talk
  • Cuddly and affectionate
  • Wants to help
  • She finally likes to eat (sometimes)
  • Super empathetic
  • She tells me what story or song she wants to hear as she fall asleep
  • Listening to her carry a melody and sing songs
  • Using more abstract words: right, here, lean, back, now, scared, where, and
  • Starting to draw smilie faces

My least favorite things about 20 months:

  • Increased interest in the potty means hanging out in the bathroom for 10-15 minutes at a time
  • She can be moody, and it can make something simple, like getting into the car seat a big deal
  • When she is making a doll cry it sounds like someone is squeezing a baby pig
  • Crayon on the table. Crayon on the chair.
  • She’s too short to see the world from my vantage point and it is endless frustrating for her
  • Wanting to read the same book a dozen times in the same day
  • If she is afraid of something, she gets a little obsessed with it, and it can be a pitiful cycle of “I scared! Oh no!”
  • Stickers in hair, on eyes, floor, clothes, shoes…

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