Week 4 {New Perspective}

My entire life I have loved both “the sciences” and “the arts.”  Ballet, biology, piano, voice, and physics were particular areas of interest.  I studied each in and out of school, and felt great conflict.  I didn’t know a ballet-loving biologist, or a piano playing physicist.  I felt compelled to identify with one world or the other, and it was a source of great stress for many years.  Only (recently) in adulthood did I find that I could pursue a graduate degree in ecology and make a career in a field of applied science, while confidently engaging in the creative disciplines that have made me happy in the past. This year I will make time for dance classes, and take delight in tying pointe shoes to my feet when they are once again strong enough.  While packing for our big move, I found a bag of pointe shoes waiting for me. In the new house there will be a place for a piano.  My easel will be set up. I’ll show my daughter what an art-loving ecologist looks like.



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