Little Feet

Today we roamed the Natural Science Center with our friend Hannah.  All nineteen months of fun, curiosity and frustration were running strong as my girl  chased after big kids walking by, used  words to tell me what she wanted to do, and of course laid down like a wet noodle when told the otters were not out today thanks to the snow.

She is my only child, and every day is still filled with firsts.  It keeps things exciting and the novelty of each new skills helps to ease the hints of sadness that are unavoidable as you watch a child march steadily toward adulthood.  Today, it was jumping in a puddle.  Silly, cliche, and just not a big deal really, but watching my child hop in a puddle is something I’ve looked forward to, and I’m so glad I was with her when she went for it.  I’m also glad I fought the urge to scoot her along to dry ground and reminded myself there was a clean pair of socks and pants in her diaper bag. I let her jump, and my heart swoon.



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