I’m looking forward to a Day 1 session — SOON!  Come on baby F!

Until the phone rings, I’m thinking of all the tiny details I can’t wait to document…(and hoping the hospital room has plenty of natural light!).

When I had my daughter, I toted my camera along to the hospital. The first opportunity I had to photograph her was right before we went home, when she was about 36 hours old. The battery had only enough power for 6 images. There are plenty of snapshots, but the beautiful images I had imaged having never happened. This experience is what lead me to offering Day 1 sessions. It’s a day you cannot get back.

Thankfully, when doing photos for other people, I am not dealing with pregnancy-brain or all the excitement of rushing out the door to have a baby — and always have several fully-charged batteries ready to go!

This photo is of baby S — from my very first Day 1 session.handswithbaby


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