Fourteen (and a half)

Halfway through my pregnancy with Elsa, I realized not only would I have a newborn to snuggle and admire, but eventually a toddler, which is a variety of baby I have less experience with.  We are only a few months into toddlerhood, but so far it exceeds my expectations. At fourteen (and a half) months, Elsa Beatrix is easy to laugh, always smiling, and affectionate. Tantrums and sass are on the way, but right now I am enjoying happy squealing.

My favorite things right now:

  • Chaining together words and signs to make little sentences. “Eat more banana” being the cutest.
  • Pretend play! Feeding, hugging, singing to, nursing, and trying to change her doll’s diaper shows me that she’s been taking good notes for the past year.
  • “Dancing” and “Dancing with your feet” are different requests.
  • Pretending to read books to her stuffed animals.
  • Understanding what we are asking her to do…”go get the block and put it in the bag” etc.
  • Potty learning! Amazing progress.
  • Doing the hand motions to Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • Points to head, eyes, mouth, tongue, feet, toes, hair, and ear when asked.
  • Animal sounds! Lion, cat, dog, monkey, pig, bird, owl, and cow.
  • Learning to roll/throw/kick the ball back and forth.
  • Big hugs and kisses.

My not so favorite things right now:

  • Always wants to eat crayons.
  • Not very interested in eating  solid foods.
  • A child proofed kitchen is not easy to cook in.
  • Being too rough with our cats.
  • Wants to eat price tags/stickers.
  • Starting to attend preschool. Sad mama.
  • Missed nap meltdowns.
  • Everything is sticky. Me. The floor. The baby. Everything!

What’s on your favorites list right now?


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